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Q. Wie bekommt man so eine Stimme wie du?
A. Whiskey saufen!
asked: 09-05-17 answered: 09-01-19

Q. Junge, jetzt haste doch Zeit! Beantworte mal die restlichen Fragen!
A. Ja, ja. Bin dabei.
asked: 13-09-17 answered: 09-01-19

Q. Ayyy Lemmys back answering
A. Beastie boiiiiis
asked: 24-05-19 answered: 18-10-19

Q. Oh großer und Weiser Lemmynator, warum ist mein Glied versteift?
A. Stop using Wak’s Ask&Answer. Use BellaBuzz instead! Much safer and still doesn’t require a database.

You see, Wak’s Ask&Answer is full of security holes. The control panel can be accessed by anybody. A (desperate) attempt at sanitization is made with using str_replace, but for example, I have gained access to your control panel. I’m doing this as an example. Tsk tsk!
asked: 25-08-19 answered: 10-12-19

Q. bm9ycml0LmRl"];print(238947899389478923-34567343546345);//
asked: 05-12-19 answered: 10-12-19

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