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Q. Was ist das hier?
A. onclick=“alert(document.cookie)”
asked: 21-02-07 answered: 19-11-19

Q. whats your name
A. Lemmy ^^
asked: 23-02-07 answered: 24-02-07

Q. was sind bezoarkugeln?
A. Bezoarkugeln bezeichnen Haar- oder Äsungsfaserballen in den Vormägen von Wiederkäuern
asked: 23-02-07 answered: 26-02-07

Q. was is geil?
A. Motörhead ist geil
asked: 25-02-07 answered: 26-02-07

Q. whats the best motörhead song?
A. That would be "Born to raise hell"

asked: 26-02-07 answered: 27-02-07

Q. how long is your penis
A. Everything bigger than everyone else
asked: 14-03-07 answered: 15-03-07

Q. Does Marve come home soon?
A. My Magic 8ball says "You may rely on it"
asked: 22-03-07 answered: 22-03-07

Q. Was ist geil?
A. immer noch Motörhead
asked: 24-03-07 answered: 27-03-07

Q. Welches is das beste Bier der Welt?
A. früh kölsch
asked: 24-03-07 answered: 27-03-07

Q. watt
A. nix...
asked: 08-04-07 answered: 19-04-07

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